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Performing Arts

Art is a sangamam of ideas beautifully crafted together that resonates deeply with both the admirer and the artist. We at TEDxChennai have taken the initiative to go beyond the stage and the spotlights. A journey to the past, an act seen through the eyes of those who chose to follow their art(not a pun xD), a dance through history, a melody in black and white.


With great love comes great flavour. Humans have evolved from beings that used to eat to live to ones that live to eat. Imagine building a community for chefs, entrepreneurs, food critics, food journalists and food lovers. That's exactly what TedxChennai aims to do. Experience visual,olfactory and mental simulation like never before.


Education is an experience that is meant to affect us in everyway possible. It was meant as a tool to break walls but is now being used to confine us within the same. TEDxChennai wishes to nurture and bring back the art of being curious in schools once again by using 21st century technology and birth a new generation of learners who're familiar with both the traditional and digital methods of learning.

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